Music and your child

Music plays a huge role in our daily lives, so it comes as no surprise that parents try to introduce it to their children. Research findings such as the Mozart Effect shows music exposure can make the child smarter. We share some tips on how to introduce music to your child!

1.    Even pre-birth, your child can already enjoy and appreciate music as the fetal sense of hearing is fully developed at around seven months. Playing the same music that your child heard post-birth while in mommy’s womb jolts his memories and serves as a way to comfort your child.

2.    Music can also soothe a fussy child by providing a healthy source of distraction. Humming a tune while gently rocking your child will reduce crying as he responds positively to this mix of movement, music and physical contact.

3.    You can experiment to see how baby responds to different kinds of music such as pop, classical and jazz. Since children learn through the juxtaposition of difference, allowing them to hear various genres of music as well songs that has more than a single tonal quality will be beneficial for their growth. The more complex the piece is, the more pathways are built in the brain. Furthermore, by increasing exposure to music at an early age, you can create a music lover for life.

4.    When your child becomes a toddler, get ready to introduce movements to his musical diet! Clapping, singing and dancing or simply moving along to the musical rhythms is a process known as audiation, when you make sense of what you hear and actively create meaning from it – somewhat like thinking in language. Therefore, up your child’s cognitive abilities by developing his musical comprehension.

5.    Singing to your child helps attune him to musical notes, rhythms and melodies. He will learn to recognise melodies of certain songs once he heard them enough times, so do not be bothered so much by your own singing even if you don’t carry a tune well. Furthermore, you may insert your child’s name into the song when singing to him as a creative way to engage him.

Allow your child to be serenaded by the goodness of music so he or she can grow up to be a lover of music! For toys, baby apparel and other gifts, look to My Baby Gift (’s hampers that includes personalised outfits and branded teething toys.


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