Things That Change After You Become A Parent

Some couples in a loving relationship may feel that having a child equals the end of their personal autonomy, but giving birth to a new life opens our eyes to greater possibilities and having a life in our hands makes us more emotionally mature and want to become better human beings ourselves too! Here are some changes which new parents experience in this new window of their lives:

1.    See the world from a child’s perspective: It may sound cheesy, but remembering how it felt like when you were growing up as a child has got to be one of the best gifts of parenthood. Like the story of the emperor’s new clothes, the raw honesty of children is what makes them so endearing – their words speak the truth that is unencumbered by the rules of social decorum which as adults we learn to master. Your child’s innocent questions might just make you reminisce your own childhood, or inspire a light-hearted smile.

2.    Shift of Priorities: From caring about the latest fashion trends or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at work, moms and dads may experience a total shift of priorities with the arrival of their first new-born. While it is still important to put bread on the table, you now find greater joy in the simplest things such as changing diapers for your child and hearing the first ‘dada’ or ‘mama’ spoken from the lips of your little darling. Figures and numbers lose their significance to milestone baby moments!

3.    You no longer need a clock: You will find your daily schedule being set by the times you need to feed, burp or bathe your child. Meal times would also become prolonged battles against little tot’s urge to reject greens and other food that are good for him. With baby to care for, sleep and showers become a luxury. Time schedules become irrelevant as your baby now takes first place!

4.    More empathy: Whereas previously you’d give strangers with crying babies the eye, wondering ‘Why won’t they shut him up?”, now you give them the ‘I know the feeling’ look of empathy.

5.    Caring for your own well-being: You learn to take better care of yourself for your child, even considering lifestyle changes such as giving up unhealthy habits such as smoking for instance; it is not surprising to find new parents suddenly invested in cutting down on junk food or nightlife activities – all these so they can be better parents to their adorable mini-me.

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