Coping with the ”terrible twos”

Temper tantrums are often associated with two-year olds, when in fact you can start to notice these signs of rebellion from your tots anywhere between 18 to 30 months! How do we cope with a child who is being difficult on purpose? Here are some situational tips to help you handle the pressure without succumbing to your own demons:

(I) Bath time is over but he refuses to get out of the bathtub: You can try to lift him out by making it seem as if he is ‘flying’, so he will enjoy getting out, and at the same time ask him to make quacking sounds like a duck.

(II) Your child refuses to eat his greens: Play along. You know he hates those peas or broccoli mash, challenging him might actually work in your favour, since it appears as if your tot wants to go against you on all counts. Tell him something like, ”I bet you won’t touch those greens as I turn my head away,” and you might find he eats his vegetables in order to see your expression of surprise.

(III) At this age when he is curious about things, he has the tendency to explore and touch stuff he sees which attracts his attention which might be a tad annoying for you or inappropriate for the occasion. Show your stand firmly by giving a firm ‘No!’ and get him to stop by turning his attention to something else: For example, ask him: “Look! It’s a train moving so quickly; what is the colour of the train?” Since tots have short attention spans, they will quickly forget about their own frustrated feelings with the introduction of something interesting.

(IV) You are expecting a second or third child, and your tot starts acting up: He might perceive himself as being displaced by the impending arrival of a new child, and starts throwing tantrums or displaying attitude in response to his fears of about being pushed out or receiving less affection from you! Examine the way you communicate with this elder sibling and refrain from emphasising how is a ‘big grown-up boy/girl’ and should ‘take care of mei mei or di di’ even before the latter arrives. Instead, affirm how you know he will be a good brother/sister and how his new sibling will love him for that.

With firmness and a little flexibility, coping with your baby’s tantrums need not be a frustrating experience. My Baby Gift Singapore stocks a collection of hampers and gifts with contents that will inspire new parents! Check out gifts for your little prince or princess or choose a baby shower hamper at


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