How having kids can strengthen your marriage

Research has often shown that people with children are happier than those without. While having kids might seem to reduce the time you have to spend with your partner, how having children would improve the quality of your marital relationship in the long run:

1.    A bonding and growing opportunity: Having kids is a life-changing experience and bringing up a child is an immense responsibility for you and your spouse. Rather than discussing what to have for meals, which countries to visit for the next vacation and other ‘me’ questions, the topic of your shared conversations and planning inevitably shifts to your child, and more varied topics such as planning for his or her academic and future life, as both of you attempt to create the best possible environment for your child to grow up in. Both parents’ interests are now aligned for the purposes of nurturing and caring for the child – a bonding glue that deepens their mutual understanding in the long term.

2.    Better appreciation for each other: Having a child does much to reshape one’s perspective of the world. Your timeline of significant moments and your life trajectory changes – with a child, every moment becomes precious as it will become the first milestone for your child – the first time he utters a word, rolls over on his back by himself or sprouts his first milk teeth. As we become less self-centered, consequently we will learn to appreciate the sacrifices our partners has made for us even more.

3.    A common goal and outlook: Parents are 24/7 teachers, the child’s first role models as young children are ready to emulate what you do or say. Parents may have differing parenting styles, but the message they send to their children must be the same when it comes to teaching about right and wrong. For these lessons and even on seemingly mundane issues such as establishing television watching times for your child, both parties would need to come to a consensus about conveying the same message so as not to send conflicting messages to the child. Through this, you and your partner will reflect and understand each other deeper, leading to a stronger, more emotionally mature and closer relationship.

4.    Finding more to love in your partner: You would realize more dimensions to the person you said ”I do” to, as having a child brings out yours and your partner’s paternal and maternal instincts.

Welcoming bundles of joy into your family unit of two is an occasion to bring your marital relationship to the next level and also offers invaluable life lessons. Celebrate the arrival of a child; visit mybabygift for premium baby shower hampers such as ‘My  Baby Welcome Hamper’ and ‘My Gorgeous Baby Hamper’, which includes customizable bodysuits, blankets and hooded towels for your little prince and princess.


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