The Importance of Nap Time

Sleep is essential to all human beings. To be well rested, people need a good night’s sleep. We grow in our sleep, we recover in our sleep and we feel rejuvenated after sleep.
Especially for infants and toddlers, sleep is particularly important because they are at a point in their lives where they need to grow. However, while parents know that their children need enough rest, more often than not they are unable to predict when their children need to rest. This is easily understandable because each and every baby has a different and unique sleep hygiene.

While there is no fixed answer to how much your child needs to nap and when he or she should nap. These are some general idea to how much and when your child should nap, according to age.

Infants aged zero to six months old require roughly sixteen to twenty hours of sleep per day. From zero to four months old, your baby will probably spend most of his or her time sleeping throughout the day, waking every two to three hours just to eat. From four months onward, your baby should spend the night sleeping ten to twelve hours, waking once a night to be fed; then your baby should spend three to five hours in a day napping.

Babies between the ages of six to twelve months old generally sleep for eleven hours a night, accompanied by two naps in the day which should total three to four hours. At this point in time, your baby should not require feeding at night, but might still experience sleep disturbances because of separation anxiety.

Toddlers, meaning children aged one to three years old, usually require ten to thirteen hours of sleep. This is inclusive of a one to three-hour long daytime nap. While some toddlers may require two daytime naps in a day, it is advisable not to let your toddler nap close to bedtime as this might make it difficult for him or her to fall asleep during his or her actual bedtime.

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