Trends in Pregnancy & Childbirth

While the media stakes out at the hospital hoping to catch a glimpse of Aimee and Moses Chan’s newborn baby boy, ordinary folk who want a memorable childbirth experience have also jumped onto the bandwagon of hot trends in motherhood and parenting in 2014, which we review below:

1.    Social Media Announcements of Pregnancy: With liberal online regulations on social networking sites, both western sites like Facebook and sites popular in Mainland China such as Weibo and Renren are extremely popular in Hong Kong. Celebrities’ announcements of marriage and pregnancy have led to netizens following suit, disclosing news about their own pregnancy to friends and families online first.

2.    Pregnancy Vlogs: YouTube has become an inexpensive yet convenient tool for women to record the progress of their pregnancy, and also provide an avenue for them to connect and share their personal experiences of motherhood with one another. Videos are a more interactive way to chronicle the journey of pregnancy than blog entries. Question and answer (Q&A) segments where netizens or fans who watch these videos can pose their own questions to the expectant moms are also popular, as well as special vlog episodes about shopping for baby’s clothes, mother’s maternity wear, or birth plans, etc.

3.    Homebirths, Doulas and birthing centers?: The options for mothers in Hong Kong who are looking for alternatives to hospital deliveries are not plenty. In fact, home births are not encouraged, furthermore the Immigration Department also has strict criteria for parents who choose a home birth to prove that the baby was indeed born to a particular mother and in Hong Kong territory as claimed. In this aspect, we have more to catch up with our parents-to-be in United States or the Netherlands, who have more options due to more national resources devoted to home-birthing. However in the recent five years, Doulas, or birth companions who assist women during the birth and in post-partum care, are slowly increasing in numbers and starting to get noticed in the alternative birthing community here.

4.    Push Presents: Push presents are an idea that have been around for long, and refer to gifts of recognition and appreciation that dads give to their wives for the arduous journey of pregnancy and childbirth they have gone through to bring a life into this world. Usually, to be on the practical side, the gifts of choice are something which the baby can use. What better than to pick from any of the hampers available at mybabygift which include accessories and clothes for the baby as well as organic shower items for mommy? We also offer branded hampers with teething toys from Sophie the Giraffe, and Aden and Anais muslin swaddle cloths to help mother bond with their child or give them the rest time they deserve. Pony rattle toys handmade from 100% cotton from Peptide pour Enfants are the best addition to baby’s room and its gentle colors of blue, pink and grey attract their attention for long lasting play.

Fathers who are reading this, show your gratitude with a gift for your beloved wife today!


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