Top 3 solutions for infant sleep problems

So you’re all snuggled up in bed and your baby is too. But not long after you have your heavy eyelids shut that your baby starts crying and making a fuss. Sounds familiar? Infant sleep problems are not uncommon, so here are the top tips to get your baby to sleep soundly and peacefully.

1.    Have a routine
Regulating sleep timings are important for adults, and they are equally important for your infant. Right from the beginning, you should cultivate a habit to have your baby sleep at a certain time and stick to it. Even if your baby is not too sleepy, as soon as it is bedtime, tuck your little one in, dim the lights, and try to get your baby to sleep.

Establishing a routine from the start would make life easier for you as time goes by. Once your infant gets into the habit to sleep at a certain time, his or her body clock would adjust accordingly, and soon enough, there will be no bedtime issues.

This applies for naptime as well. Set a specific naptime based on your infant’s feeding time and your other schedules, and stick to it as much as possible. Not only is this useful in reducing the fuss, sufficient sleep promotes healthy infant growth as well, so be diligent about your baby’s sleep!

2.    Be patient
This goes without saying, but it has to be mentioned anyway. Don’t forget that it takes time for you to get into a habit. How many times have you tried to develop a healthy habit-like regular exercising- and failed? How long did it take for you to succeed?

Just as it takes time for grown adults to develop certain habits, it takes time for your infant to get into the habit of having a regular sleep time. So be patient, stick to your routine, and wait it out. Your little one will get the hang of it. Don’t blame it on bad parenting or a fussy infant. It simply takes time.

3.    Create a soothing environment
This is one of the simplest tips to follow. Have a soothing environment with minimal distractions for your baby to get to sleep. Remove stimulants like music and toys, so that your baby can calm down and gradually fall asleep.

Personalized Blanket

Personalized Blanket

Comfort is another concern. Have soft blankets and nightwear for your baby. Mybabygift’s products are a safe bet. Their hampers have the softest blankets from the well-known brand Take a Nap, and they are made from 100% combed cotton which ensures that your baby will sleep in maximum comfort all night.

For younger infants, mybabygift has naturally-made swaddle blankets from Aden & Anais, which are made from soft and durable cotton. These are long-lasting and comfortable, the perfect swaddle blankets for your baby.

With these tips, cultivate the best sleep time for your infant, so that your baby can get sufficient sleep, which means that you can get your rest too!


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