“You Got My Temperature Rising Like El Nino”

For those who don’t yet know, the National Environment Agency (NEA) has stated that the “Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) has predicted drier, warmer weather in Singapore in the next few months” (TODAY, 2014). This is the result of weak to moderate El Nino conditions throughout Southeast Asia. “El Nino refers to the abnormal warming of the tropical Pacific Ocean” (CHANNEL NEWSASIA, 2014).

This means that our precious babies are more susceptible to developing heat rash. In fact, heat rash is more common in infants (Health Promotion Board, 2012). When our perspiration gets trapped under our skin because our sweat ducts become blocked, we develop heat rash. Although not conclusive, some suggestions why our sweat ducts become blocked include: intense physical activities that cause much sweating; fabrics preventing our perspiration from evaporating; hot, humid tropical weather; and immature sweat ducts in infants and young children (Health Promotion Board, 2012).

Consequently, infections and heat exhaustion could develop as a complication of heat rash.
To prevent heat rash from developing, make sure your child wears soft, cotton clothing (Health Promotion Board, 2012).
At MyBabyGift, we offer premium quality cotton clothing to ensure your child gets the comfort he deserves. Furthermore, MyBabyGift carries items from Take a NAP, an Israeli baby boutique that specializes in beautiful designs of delicate baby textiles – all 100% combed cotton. ‘Combing’ is a process that removes extra short fibers, making your clothes softer and thinner, yet stronger.

In addition, the season of dry spells could cause our babies to develop dry skin. Because an infant’s skin is more delicate, it is more susceptible to drying out than an adult’s.
Dry skin is itchy and because a baby’s skin is extra sensitive, it could be very uncomfortable.
To prevent your baby from developing dry skin, apply moisturizer for your baby.

At MyBabyGift, you can purchase short sleeved bodysuits so your child doesn’t “overheat.” Moreover, MyBabyGift carries items from GAIA, manufacturer of pure, natural skin care products formulated specially for sensitive skin. GAIA also produces moisturizer, ideal for your baby’s skin this dry season.
Gear up these hotter months with MyBabyGift to protect your precious little ones at http://www.mybabygift.com.sg/ – personalised baby gifts!


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