3 Things You Overlook That Threaten Infant Safety

Seemingly innocuous objects might pose a threat to your baby’s safety, especially when your baby is so little and incapable of removing his or herself from a dangerous situation. But while you think you’ve taken all the necessary precautions, here are some hazardous objects that you might have overlooked, as many people do.

1.    Car windows
Travelling with a baby is tough enough as it is, what with the endless packing and preparation to prepare for a day out. But one thing that many might overlook is the car windows. Locking them is important as they might lose their fingers or crush their limbs when playing with the windows. It has also been reported that car windows have been associated with a  number of deaths when children lean their head out and the window accidentally closes  on them. (Parents.com) So lock your car windows if you have young children or babies in tow.

2.    Baby walkers
While many consider baby walkers a baby necessity and commonplace, they are unaware of the risks that walkers pose. Such is the danger of baby walkers that Canada has banned them altogether. (Greene, 2010) Having a country ban baby walkers in their entirety says a lot about the dangers of putting your little one in a convenient walker and carrying on with your chores. Other than delayed motor and mental development, there have been countless cases of injuries associated with the usage of baby walkers. (Greene, 2010)

3.    Crib bumper pads
What was originally invented to prevent injuries might be the cause of injuries. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there is no evidence that the bumper pads would prevent injuries, and that they are in fact a safety hazard. (Rosen, 2011) The doctor group suggested that crib bumper pads should not be used at all. These pads might be threatening to an infant’s safety as they may result in suffocation when the infant’s face is too close to it and cannot breathe, or strangulation when the infant is entangled in the ties or loose stitching of the pads. (Corley)

With this information, mothers can take extra steps to prevent accidents from happening to their babies. But the most important thing to note is not to leave your child alone without adult supervision for extended periods of time. Even if you think you’ve placed your child in a safe environment, nothing is safer than you keeping an eye on your child, because you’ll never know what he or she might be up to.

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