4 Things You’ll Learn As a New Mum

Here are some things that all new mums would learn, and they’re listed here to prepare you for motherhood when your little one is out!

1. Patience
This goes without saying. From nursing your infant in wee hours in the morning to dealing with those unexpected fits of crying, mothers have to possess an unfathomable amount of patience to be able to get through a regular day.

2. To survive
On 2 hours of sleep, no less. Due to infants’ feeding habits, many new mums face the challenge of having their sleep cycle disrupted. For starters, you might get just about 2 hours of sleep at any one time before waking up to nurse your little one. Again.

3. Appreciation
For your infant, for your spouse, and most of all, for your mother. Be thankful for your child’s existence, be thankful for your husband’s support, and be especially thankful for your mum. Because raising a child is no easy feat, as you’ll learn. So kudos to your mother who managed to raise you- and stay sane at the same time.

4. To be selfless
Having a young life almost completely dependent on you means that you’ll have to sacrifice a lot of your time and effort. Forget about having a life- at least for the first few months. In reality, mothers have barely a semblance of a life outside of their home. Be prepared to sacrifice, willingly, for your child.

Mothers out there, do you agree with this list? And for mums-to-be, there’ll be many other things you’ll learn along the way when your baby is out so enjoy your journey to motherhood!


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